Frequently Asked Questions

In this sections we will try to asnwer the most frequent questions

PlauMai Eco is a Ceramic Bar which, when in contact with gasoline (petrol, diesel, etc.), will help the engine reduce up to 15% on fuel consumption, Increase engine output up to 7 % and reduce harmful engine exhaust emissions into the environment by 50-70%. In simple words, you will be saving up to Rs. 10/- per litre of fuel, subject to road and driving conditions.

PlauMai Eco is a Ceramic Bar made from 37 naturally occurring minerals.

PlauMai Eco Ceramic Bar is manufactured by PlauMaieco Co. Ltd.

It is manufactured in South Korea.

It is a patented product and is manufactured only by PlauMaieco Co. Ltd. (Korea).

Our plan is to release the device around Q3 2017. We know it is a lot of time but at the same moment we want to deliver the best possible quality

PlauMai ECO Ceramic Bar works on both Petrol and Diesel.

Using PlauMai ECO Ceramic Bar in the fuel tank will help reduce smoke and harmful gas emission from the vehicle by up to 70%.

PlauMai Eco Ceramic Bar has been tested by the Korea Automobile Mechanical Research Institute for 1 year with the engine and the certification proves that it does not affect the engine.

It is so EASY TO USE. Just insert (drop) the PlauMai Eco Bars in the fuel tank one by one.

NO. It will NOT dissolve, react, or melt inside the fuel tank.

PlauMai ECO Ceramic Bar is a ceramic product. Like all ceramics, it is brittle and may break when subjected to great shocks.

PlauMai ECO Ceramic Bar will continue to save fuel even after breakage. If there are any small particles, they would be filtered by the fuel filter and never be able to reach the engine. So it is safe even after it breaks.

It is a single time investment. The product life is from 15 to 20 years. After 10 years, it efficiency will start decreasing slowly. So Just drop it into the fuel tank and forget for the next 10 years.

A single PlauMai ECO Ceramic Bar has dimensions of 68x13x9mm.

Yes, PlauMai Eco Ceramic Bar technology helps in smooth combustion of fuel inside the gasoline engine, which results into More Power and Less Noise. Hence, engine performance is enhanced.

No, PlauMai Eco Ceramic Bars do not have any side-effects on Engine or vehicle.

No, PlauMai Eco Ceramic Bars are not a fuel additive. Unlike fuel additives, PlauMai Eco Ceramic Bar is a one-time solution for your automobile or other gasoline engines.

Requirement of PlauMai Eco Bars depends upon the fuel tank capacity of the vehicle. The basic norm is 1 PlauMai Eco Ceramic Bar per 5-10 liters of fuel. On an average, 2-wheelers will require 2 bars, cars require 5 bars, buses and truck require 25 bars. Just check your fuel tank capacity and you will know.

PlauMai Eco Ceramic bar has vast applications. It can be used for any engine running on Petrol and Diesel, such as cars, bikes, buses, trucks, heavy earth equipment, Electricity Generators, boats, yachts, Diesel Train Engines, Boilers, Heavy Equipment, Ship Machinery, etc.

PlauMai Eco bars when inserted in the fuel tank take about 40 minutes to start ionizing the fuel.

The PlauMai Eco Ceramic Bar is currently being sold in 6 different countries. Also, in some countries the PlauMai ECO Ceramic Bar is officially supported by its respective governments. South Korea, Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand,

PlauMai ECO Ceramic Bar is available in packing of 2 bars and 5 bars. Please refer to the products page for more details.